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Neurovision Medical Products develops and markets state-of-the-art intraoperative monitoring (IOM) technologies for the identification and preservation of motor nerves. The core mission of the company is to provide leading-edge neuromonitoring surgical tools that are user friendly and empower their users to improve patient outcomes.

Founded in 1973, the company continues to pioneer intraoperative nerve monitoring technology based upon surgical and electrical engineering principles. The company uses an inter-disciplinary approach, merging the principles of neurophysiology and electromyography through sophisticated computer algorithms to design and create innovative IOM solutions. The result - specialty intraoperative tools that are proactive and surgeon-driven. Intraoperative nerve monitoring technology and surgical dissection merge into integrated medical devices that do both simultaneously, allowing nerve monitoring and surgical dissection in real time.

Neurovision Medical Products' headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Ventura, California, USA. Products are manufactured in the USA, sourcing from American suppliers whenever possible to ensure superior quality and cost control. The customer-centered corporate culture reflects a commitment to respecting the needs of both the healthcare professional and the patient.

An independent spirit infuses the collaborative working environment, providing the energy and vision behind strong customer service and the continual development of innovative technologies that enhance patient care.

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