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Software for Continuous
Intraoperative Neuromonitoring

Simple, Reliable, Nerve Location

In addition to the detection and alarm functions of the Nerveäna®, EMGView® software allows waveform viewing, threshold alarm setting, and the ability to record the entire "skin-to-skin" surgical procedure.

The Nerveäna® Power Index(NPI™) analyzes relevant parameters of the evoked EMG response and quantifies its power as a simple, helpful number. The NPI™ assists the surgeon in judging the relative condition of a nerve branch for neuropraxia or other changes in function throughout the surgery.

EMGView® is designed specifically for use with the Nerveäna® nerve locator and monitor and provides an additional level of information on the performance of the Nerveäna® system and unsurpassed ability to document intraoperative neuromonitoring.

Nerveäna® Nerve Locator and Monitor
Item Code Description
EMGVIEW EMGView® Monitoring Software for the Nerveäna® Nerve Locator

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