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Nerveäna® rolling carts offer a variety of moving and storage solutions for the operating room. Nerveäna® surgery kit boxes fit neatly in locking cart drawers.
All Nerveäna® Accessories needed for the Nerveana are available as replacement parts through Neurovision™ Medical Products.

Rolling Carts
Item Code Description
ST-BASKET Small Cart with Basket
ST-NRV-4 Nerveäna® Compact 17" Locking 4 Drawer Rolling Cart - Fits Under Counters and Tables
ST-NRV-6 Nerveäna® Compact 47" Locking 6 Drawer Rolling Cart - Places Monitor Near Eye-Level
ST-E-LCD Rolling Sit/Stand Cart with EMGView® Software LCD Monitor and PC - The Complete Set-Up
ST-TABLET-P Rolling Stand Cart with 19" Touchscreen Tablet, Nerveäna® EMGView®

Rolling Carts
Item Code Description
CEMGB EMG Cable Assembly for Nerveäna® (Black)
CSTIB2 Stimulator Cable Assembly for the Nerveäna® - 2 Stim Ports, (Black)
PSCS 12 Volt DC Power Supply for the Nerveäna®
PSCCB Power Cord for the Nerveäna® Power Supply/Charger, (Black)
NVRM005 Nerveäna® Operators Manual on CD-ROM

Nerveäna® Components
 Nerveäna® Simulation Test Drive
 EMGView® Software
 Nerveäna® Surgery Kits
 Nerveäna® System


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